We Bring The Club To Your Prom and Homecoming Dance

Superior Light and Sound brings a club atmosphere to your school through the use of a concert sound system and state of the art lighting equipment.    While equipment is an important part of a successful event, the music is what makes or breaks a party. From the hottest current hits heard on the radio to the hardest pounding dance music to those classics that get the crowd pumped up, Superior Light and Sound plays a variety of music, taking requests the entire night.

We make every effort to conform to school policy concerning the music we play. All music that we play at school events is clean radio edited. If you request that certain songs or even certain kinds of music NOT be played, we will make sure to remove them from our play list.

Let's get started Right Now!  Find out if we are available: check my availability,  If that is all good, then make sure you fill out the Date Availability Form so that I can provide you with a quote  Or, if you prefer, simply drop me a simple email or call me at (864) 787-9574.

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Event Lighting

Superior Light and Sound offers high quality wired and wireless LED up lights.  Wireless up lighting has no messy wires, and unbelievable color mixing.  If you want the best in wireless, battery powered LED up lighting, contact us today!