At Superior Light and Sound's Mobile DJ Service, we will take the time to meet with you in advance, to help you plan out every detail of your wedding reception. The planning meetings also allow us time to get to know each other on a more personal level. I believe in coordinating each and every detail of your wedding reception with the catering staff, photographer and videographer so that everything flows smoothly. If you have a coordinator for your reception, we will work with the coordinator as a team to make sure everything goes exactly as you have planned.

The music you choose will set the mood for the reception. We help you plan specials songs that are played at different points of the reception. We will go over these with you beforehand to make your dream wedding reception a reality. We are passionate about what we do and have the experience to create whatever mood you wish to set for your special day to ensure that everyone has a memorable time.

Wedding Ceremony Sound System, Music and Wireless Microphones

We can provide complete wedding ceremony service for your event. I will give you 100% Worry-Free Ceremony Service, including: Professional Sound System, including wireless lapel, Customized Wedding Ceremony Music, Remote Handheld Microphones - for singers or music.



Let's get started Right Now!  Find out if we are available: check my availability,  If that is all good, then make sure you fill out the Date Availability Form so that I can provide you with a layout (including pricing) on how your Event will be just incredible!  Or, if you prefer, simply drop me a simple email or call me at (864) 787-9574.

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Event Lighting

Superior Light and Sound offers high quality wired and wireless LED up lights.  Wireless up lighting has no messy wires, and unbelievable color mixing.  If you want the best in wireless, battery powered LED up lighting, contact us today!